Join Us

The following frequently asked questions will give you more information about the choir.  If you are interested in finding out more about us, please phone 0493 043 644, or come along to one of our rehearsals.


Where And When Do You Rehearse?

We rehearse every Wednesday night from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra Centre at 7 Community Drive, Ashmore. Occasionally, we may schedule another rehearsal before a performance if it is considered necessary, and notice will be given in advance.

Do I Have To Attend Every Week?

Although we would prefer members to commit to the choir and attend every rehearsal and performance, we understand that there may be times when you have to be absent.  If you need to miss a rehearsal or performance, we ask that you send an apology by email to our director at

Will I Have To Audition?

Generally, you will not have to face a formal audition as we are a community choir and its members have a range of abilities.  However, when you feel comfortable, you may be asked to sing a few notes for the Musical Director so that she can gauge where your voice sits and what part you would be singing.

The choir also has a smaller auditioned ensemble to provide further opportunities for musically adept performers, as well as acting as a nucleus for the choir to increase the musicianship and performance adaptability of the group.

What Are Your Membership Fees?

The annual membership fee is $220, or $150 for young people
under 21 years of age and for students under 25 years of age.
For existing members, the annual fee is due at the beginning of the
year and is to be paid in full by the 31st of March of that year.

Fees for new members are due within the 1st month of joining or by
March 31st.  New members joining after the 1st of July are only
required to pay half the annual fee.

There is no discount for existing members attending only part of the

Can I “Try Before I Buy”?

If you would like to watch the choir in action before deciding to join, you are very welcome to attend a rehearsal or two before you make your decision.  Come along and meet our Musical Director, meet some of our members, and watch and hear us rehearse.

What About Uniforms?

The choir’s uniform for ladies is a long black skirt with coloured top.  Men wear black trousers with long sleeved black shirt and coloured tie.  Everyone wears closed black shoes.  This basic uniform is purchased by members. 

Sometimes,  and depending on the performance, the choir provides variations to this and will be supplied by the choir on the day.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

We ask that you do some “homework” between rehearsals to help you learn the music, and that you observe professional concert and rehearsal etiquette.